acrylic on wood (birch tree)

handmade frame (fir tree)

30 x 40cm

price: 450 euro (tax excluded)

“I wonder what your silence says about you.

I wonder, when you stop talking, to whom you decide not to talk.

I wonder what your thoughts are like when your mouth’s gagged.

I wonder whether it is your free will, or a festering wound.

I would investigate the maze in your head, and find the way to your heart.

I would enlighten all the crossroads, and the traffic lights, and the roundabouts of the road which has led you to the place you are now.

I would put signposts up every time I find the way from out, so that you will know how to reach out for support, once and for all.

I would…

But I’m lost in my own labyrinth, filled with ghosts, nightmares and foreboding.

I’m looking for my own way out, and yet every time I think I’ve made it, ravines appear.

And so I have to step back, into the comfortable discomfort of my own silence, once again.

I wonder what my silence says about me.

I wonder whether it is my free will, or that festering wound.”