acrylic on wood (fir tree)

handmade frame (fir tree)

34 x 45 cm

Price: 400 euro (tax excluded)

“At the end of the day, I may take my several masks off.

It would be better if it were only one, but, to be honest, I own a mask for each occasion.

There’s a mask I hide behind when I speak about my passion and job, another one I wear with friends and family.

I also see people hiding behind careers, love relationships or travel projects. A mask is not an item you can put on and off, on and off. It is way more complex…

For instance, some masks have been built during childhood, through unconsciousness process, and we still carry them around pretending they are part of what we truly are.

Other masks are still under construction, day by day, as this is the easiest way to overcome problems or to avoid confrontation, whether it is with people or ourselves.

The problem is not the mask itself, the problem occurs when we don’t wanna see it. When we demand to be seen as we seem to be, while our true self is buried under thousands of fake layers. And sometimes we can’t take them off, because, sometimes, we can’t even see them.

So, a mask is a wall between you and the idea you have about yourself, a wall between you and your fears, and eventually, you and others. It is something you build your own, with excuses, lies and make-believes.

Beside that, at the end of the day I feel relieved. As a matter of fact, I know I can choose how high and robust my personal walls are. Because I can see all of them, I see all of my masks.”