acrylic on wood (fir tree)

handmade frame (fir tree)

30 x 59cm 

price: 500 euro (tax excluded)


“I couldn’t agree less with people that claim that what you see on social media is fake.
I heard something like “Instagram [or whatever] is not real life, what people share is made-up and has nothing to do with what reality looks like”.

Well, let me ask you, what “real life” is exactly? Do you really think you would have the chance to catch the true essence of a person just meeting in “real life”?

I’m gonna speak for myself now, but I bet some of you will agree.

In “real life” (which I prefer to call “physical life”) I smile too much, seriously. When I meet with friends, relatives or some friend’s friends, I wear make-up, parfum, I carefully look for the right clothes, I pick my favourite jewellery. During the conversation I pay attention to balance the speaking and the listening, I try to make everyone feel included and I never put my needing above other’s people ones. Even when I would rather stay at home.

Do you see my point?

On social media, as much as in physical life, I choose what the rest of the world can see about me. It is not the screen that cut you off from my truth, wake up, it is my will!

In physical life, as much as on social media, I don’t feel like you must know me the way I know myself. It is so naïve.

This is the way LOST IN PIXELS came out. It deliberately wants to be a critique to those who think that the sharing on social media has to be as real – as personal – as the sharing in physical life. When it is obvious that our truth relies neither on digital nor physical life.

You get LOST IN PIXELS the moment you think you can find yourself there.”