acrylic on wood (birch tree)

handmade frame (fir tree)

30 x 40cm

price: 500 euro (tax excluded)


Rapid. Efficient. Painless. 
So seems to be the new reality in which we immerse ourselves: a world created out of fantasy where the rules evade the limits of the physical world, which is forced by inviolable physical and chemical laws instead. 

A new world on which to make landfall. A place where your presence can be expanded and, while you’re at it, why not, reinvent it. We scatter images of our lives to the mercy of the waves, that will reshuffle into something you eventually decide to display to others. 

But if what people see is different from what you know, when you have deliberately created an image of yourself that you can no longer feed or match, then who are you? The one who bleeds, or the one who glitters on the screen? 

Well, the only way to reinvent yourself is to know yourself first….inside out. 

But it’s already done. 
The die is cast. 
Colombo, man overboard.