acrylic on wood (fir tree)

handmade frame (fir tree)

30 x 35 cm

Price: 450 euro (tax excluded)


“I have become pretty obsessed with the whole identity issue.
This is why I decided to go with “Identity (not) required” number 2.

Is it just me, or are people giving away their identity to better feel part of a group?
It is okay to adjust our personality, to hide some unpleasant trait, to highlight our qualities when public life comes.
Where is the boundary, though?

I mean, it is so frustrating to always bear the same complaint, the same topic in every conversation, the same silly judgments or flattery.

Brands decide what to wear, social media decide what to be entertained with, a couple of tv shows decide what to talk about. What I read between lines is: If we all embrace the world we have been introduced to, we will always feel part of an extended and yet close family. the safest place.

Have you ever spent a day disconnected from everything? Not devices only, but from family and friends as well? Have you ever put yourself in a zero-stimulus condition to see what you were able to come out with?

People are not empty jars waiting to be filled with expensive branded accessories, miserable viral videos or poor and negative news.

Perhaps, the biggest journey we could ever make is the one deep inside ourselves, to discover how to respect and protect our uniqueness from the fear of being rejected because of what we are, in a world that is promoting white sheep only.”