acrylic on wood (OSB)

handmade frame (fir tree)

36 x 62 cm 

Price: 500 euro (tax excluded)

“What have we became?

I still remember a day, back then, when technology development was meant for a better life, when economy used to accomplish human needing, when globalization was moved by a common sense of sharing and free participation.

It seemed to be our new revolution, life’s quality appeared to be on an endless increase. But at some point something went irretrievably wrong. Driving towards our bright new future, we totally lost the steering wheel.

The Market took the control over people’s lives, a thriving Economy started leading human beings into its rules and basis.

Something terrible happened.

Life for life’s sake becomes pointless. Humans’ sake became pointless. Money realized that our fundamental values like dignity and respect were unproductive and didn’t have any surplus value.

And so, people slowly turned into tools of the machine they built of their own. They became consumers addicted to work in order to consume even more than their needing required in the first place.

We quit experiencing our emotions and feelings, shutting them down every time they didn’t fit into the society we are slaves of.

I think we are not human beings anymore, we are human havings.


Still, we are Nature’s children. We can only pretend to be as rational and efficient as the machine we set up. Lies have short legs, in fact, deep inside, we are driven by passions.

Passions are more powerful than any compound interest, feelings do not count money at the end of the day, emotions don’t need a status symbol to be proud of.

Could it be simpler? Please, allow your Passions to break the surface and take the control back.

No matter the price.”