acrylic on wood (OSB)

handmade frame (fir tree)

40 x 50cm

price: 550 euro (tax excluded)


“The story began when you noticed him.
But it really started when he noticed you.
The man of your dreams.
The man you wrote about on your diary uncountable times, finally fell for you.
You won against all the other girls, you had been chosen, not them.

You experienced love, unspeakable feelings, you were so deeply involved you couldn’t imagine anything better.
You were so committed you couldn’t see where that first fight was leading to.
You didn’t see it coming. Well, how could you? Love is blind.
And so you didn’t see words turning into slaps, slaps turning into punches, punches turning into sharp blades.

But it wasn’t too late when you realized what was going on, you asked for help, you left him, you took yourself safe.
You never became a “victim of love”.
Luky you, brave enough.
You did what all the woman should always do.
Case closed.

But now that you are safe tell me, oh please tell me, will you ever trust a man again?
Will you ever listen to your feelings again?
“If he killed me, it would have had the exact same outcome.
They will never understand”.