acrylic on wood (OSB)

handmade frame (fir tree)

50 x 27 cm 

price: 250 euro (tax excluded)

“I noticed you one day  

I was expecting nothing,

You came across my way

Not asking, nor judging.

We became close strangers

Watching each other’s back,

The day after we were lovers,

Like in the perfect second act.

Blind for your light,

You ignited mine

And in the darkest night

We still used to shine.

It was the dream,

But it wasn’t true

It was a sweet cream

On something blue.

I lost you one morning

You could no longer stay

“I couldn’t see them coming,

Your demons walked you away.


So here it is, despite the pain,

the loneliness you feel,

When there’s no shelter from the rain.”