acrylic on wood (OSB)

handmade frame (fir tree)

35,5 x 39cm (slanted)

price: 550 euro (tax excluded)


“I can see a glimpse of your pain through the tiny chink in your shell.

Oh child, who did this to you?

Did no one ever tell you that as roses can scratch you, so can the blackthorn?

Sun might blind you, but there’s nothing you can see through the darkness.

The seeds you throw might end up on rocks, but they’ll never grow inside your pocket as well.

Fire might burn your skin, but ice will never warm you up.

Happiness is fickle, I agree, but anger is not the companion you want.

Love may hurt your feelings, but hate beats you without mercy.

Life might turn its back on you, but if you turn your back on it, death is the end result.

It takes courage to leave your comfort zone, I know that, but what if your comfort zone is the darkest place you’ve ever been? Wouldn’t it be worth the risk?

Let your anger be angry, let your pain be painful, step out of the shell for a while and give yourself the chance to feel alive for the very first time.

A minute of joy is worth all the mess in this world.”


Paola Medici